She Said, He Said
She Said, He Said
Two different takes on tech and life


She said,
He Said



Two takes on tech and life

Tech journalists Nicole Scott and Michael Josh always have something to say, but usually, have differing opinions. In this podcast, this lovable duo passionately tackles the biggest stories in tech that shape how we work, live and travel.



Nicole Scott

From autonomous vehicles to the hardware and software that shapes our digital lifestyle, Nicole is fascinated with how technology impacts how we live. Following a 10-year stint in Taipei, Nicole is now Berlin based and is the Editor-in-Chief of MobileGeeks. She is also an analyst for the Associated Press and a Future of Mobility evangelist.

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Michael Josh

Michael Josh is a New York-based journalist and entrepreneur whose pioneering work building social and digital teams for TV news and online startups led to his founding of GadgetMatch in 2015. He contributes to #TheFeed on Sirius XM, CNN, NBC, BBC and Channel News Asia. He is also a dedicated PĆ³kemon Go trainer.

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